The Change You Have Been Waiting for…. Information at Your Fingertips.

In the world of strata management, efficiency is key. Strata Managers have long grappled with managing multiple properties needs using outdated systems. Thanks to Town Square, the cutting-edge tech platform developed by Strata Town, the game is changing. This innovative platform is not just a portal and with the recent updates including new features it is streamlining strata management like never before, making life easier for both strata managers and owners. 

How is Town Square different to an online portal? 

An online portal may give you access to your financial documents which is handy, but still requires you to contact your strata manager the old-fashioned way to get status updates, request maintenance, and to approve work orders and quotes.  

Town Square is a centralised system giving you the owner and your strata manager a communications platform you can access at any time with real-time access to; 

Status Updates 

  • Reported issues
  • Maintenance requests
  • Work Orders sent
  • Quotes approvals

Detailed Financial information 

  • Balances for your Admin and Reserve accounts
  • Budget vs. Actual spend
  • Levy amount owing 
  • Balance sheet for the current period 
  • Income statement for the current period 
  • Ledgers for quarterly and once-off contributions

Council of Owner approvals 

Being on the council is often a thankless task. However, with Town Square it has never been easier thanks to our new ‘Council Action Items’. You can vote on and approve outstanding tasks in minutes! 

Enhancing communication, automating administrative tasks, ensuring financial transparency, simplifying maintenance, streamlining document management, and promoting community engagement.  

Town Square is a game-changer, making strata living more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.  

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional strata management and welcome a new era of convenience and transparency with Town Square. 

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