What do I get?

RAC members save 15% off strata management fees at Strata Town.

Strata Town are the combination of team and technology transforming the strata management experience in WA.

Outdated management and poor service have turned strata into a dirty word. We’re using innovation and better customer experiences to change that.

Our proprietary Town Square platform automates checks and balances, so our team earn your trust and are held accountable for the highest quality of strata management..

You deserve access and transparency

And that's what Strata Town provide! Starting with...

 ▌ Accounting reports
 ▌ Bank balances
 ▌ Where your money is spent
 ▌ Building health dashboard
 ▌ Insurances
 ▌ Service requests
 ▌ Status of scheme tasks
 ▌ By-laws, house rules
 ▌ Connect with our Perth-based team!

Less talking. More action-ing. That’s management reimagined.

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