Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

Broken fence? Water leaking? Report your maintenance issue to Strata Town.

If you have already contacted a contractor to attend, please provide the contractor details below and upload the contractor report or invoice. If a reimbursment is applicable, our team will contact you to advise of the next steps.

To proceed with your insurance claim, our team will contact you to advise on the next steps. Please note, this form will assist you to compile the information most insurers will require to resolve your claim situation; however, aditional forms might be requested by your insurer company.

In case of loss, theft or damage as a result of a crime, please provide details below of the event causing the damage. If you have reported the incident to the Police, please provide the Police Report number, station & officer details. Upload the police report below if any. 

By clicking the Submit button below, I hereby consent to Strata Town using the personal information I have provided on this form for purposes of processing my request and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Where I have completed this form as a representative of another person, I confirm that person has authorised me to disclose their personal information included on this form and for that information to be used for purposes of processing their request and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.