It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, insects seem to find their way into our homes. But when it comes to living in a strata property, who is responsible for pest control? 

The answer is relatively straightforward – body corporate covers pest inspection, prevention and treatments on common property; that is on gyms, pool areas, reception, gardens and so on. The lot owner is responsible for inspection, prevention and treatment within their lot.  

What this means however is that owners may skip getting pest control done for a variety of reasons – time, cost, or simply forgetting.  

The best way to ensure pest control is maintained for common property and inside the lots is to all be treated at the same time. This tends to lower the cost for lot owners and encourages more lot owners to get on board.  

Why is Regular Pest Control So Important? 

We don’t tend to think of the odd spider or ants as high priority issues, but pest control and prevention looks at a lot more than that.  There is usually two parts of a pest control booking – spraying for common insects like cockroaches, ants and spiders, and visual termite inspections. Ignoring regular pest control could leave you with some pretty expensive, and extensive, damage.  

Termites are a hidden pest which is often discovered far too late, and sometimes the damage isn’t covered by insurance. A simple visual termite inspection could save you thousands of dollars in the future.  

Proactive Tips to Minimising Pests 

In between pest control, there is of course things you can do around the home to minimise pests making your home their home.  

  • Keep food preparation and eating areas free of food and waste – this is for both in the home and common property areas. 
  • Remove decaying timber around the home to prevent rodents, reptiles and other pests making a home.  
  • Keep bin lids closed and ensure they are put out for weekly emptying.  
  • Keep common areas clean and tidy.  
  • Ensure wood chips and garden beds are kept away from external walls, old tree stumps are removed from gardens and don’t allow rubbish to accumulate outside.  
  • Repair leaks within sink cabinets.  

Regular pest inspections are important, and with how little they can cost compared to fixing damage in the future, it is recommended that internal lots and common property undergoes pest control yearly.  


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